Ja re, ja re ure ja re – যা রে, যা রে উড়ে যা রে পাখি

So… it’s another November in my city. The cold and dry breezes have started blowing from the north. The yellow sun has started becoming softer. The daylight has started rushing to meet the dusk at the far west. My friend Nadeem was telling me that the migratory birds have started coming to our city for this year… All the evidences are pronouncing audibly that the winter is knocking on the door…

I was so busy earning bread and butter, that couldn’t smell the season. The moment I could see the November at my doorstep, I was at a loss. The timid dusk made me cry, I was depressed.

I have no time in my hand; I’ll have to get back to my daily business. The little space I had; I chose to fill that up with some activity for my own. This video was shot and edited in hurry. I did it, because I was dying to do something.

I am lucky; my beloved Salil Chowdhury gave me one more chance to live…

Sumanta Basu
November 14, 2011
Dum Dum Cantonment

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