Gahana ghana chhailo – গহন ঘন ছাইল গগন ঘনাইয়া

I recorded this song for my album ‘Raater Pakhi’ a long back, but wasn’t satisfied with my rendition. After so many years I have recorded this number again a few days back. In fact, this recording was done on the same day, just after I recorded ‘Aami poth bhola ek pothik’.

‘Gahana ghana chhailo’ is a song to celebrate the Monsoon. I wish I could take my camera out and shoot some original footage to create this video… But neither do I have the time, nor the health. On top of everything, what we had this year is anything but Monsoon!

All photographs used in this video, have been taken from various places on the internet. So, all credit goes to the original photographers… whom I don’t even know. As an urbanite, I just tried to visualise this song with all its festivity, as I see the Monsoon here in my good old Calcutta.

My computer clock says it is 2:15 AM now. Ah! It’s raining outside!

It’s a co-incidence that today was ‘Baishe Shravan’. As per our Bengali calendar, it is the death anniversary of the man, who wrote and composed this song…

Sumanta Basu
Wednesday, August 08, 2012.
Dum Dum Cantonment

4 Responses to “Gahana ghana chhailo – গহন ঘন ছাইল গগন ঘনাইয়া”
  1. Ashish Sagar says:

    Sumata da you are superb, very close to milon da. I just love your redentions. May be someday I would play well enough to seek your guidance.

    • Sumanta Basu says:

      I am sorry Ashish bhai for replying late. Many thanks for your note. Milon Da was of a different class, he was a trend setter. Please do not make me shy taking his name… 🙂 I try my own way. I will be happy if I could help you in any regard. Thanks my friend.

  2. Mitthu Chaudhuri says:

    ছায়া ঘনাইল বনে বনে…
    মুগ্ধতা জানালাম।
    কিছু সুর বিষাদ-মধুর স্মৃতি বয়ে আনে…
    ভালো থাকবেন…

    • Sumanta Basu says:

      বনের ছায়া পড়ছে মনে
      মনের ছায়া বনে
      বিষাদ কোমল নিষাদ হয়ে
      থাকল সে নির্জনে…

      ভাল থাকুন আপনিও।

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